Why shaving sucks

I hate shaving. I really do. Yes, I will admit I love when my legs are smooth, but the process of getting nicely shaved legs is a real pain. However, prior to a date it’s a necessary part of the routine. Why is that? When in society did the style of smooth legs become a norm? I mean God forbid we let men know that our legs – and our lady parts – grow hair.

The first thing I despise about shaving, is the amount of time it takes to get everything. You can’t go quickly, oh no, you have to take your time or else you end up looking like you’ve been attacked by vicious squirrels on your legs. Am I the only one who can easily take 20-30 minutes shaving?

This brings me to another reason why I hate shaving: the cuts. I cannot tell you the amount of times I have nicked my knees or my ankles and wondered if I was going to bleed out from that little cut. It’s like the bleeding won’t stop! And of course, once it’s healed, I have a talent for nicking myself in the exact same spot.

As if that isn’t enough, there’s always the dreaded missed spot. I don’t care how long I take and how OCD I become while shaving, I have that one little area that becomes magically immune to the stupid razor. As I move my hand over my leg to inspect a job well done, there’s always a damn patch or strip just staring at me…usually around the parts I try not to nick or on my thighs.

The biggest pet peeve of mine when it comes to shaving, is the body contortion I resort to in order to get everything. One leg propped up on a ledge, one hand pushing my inner thigh away, the other hand gently shaving to make sure I don’t slice any important lady parts off….yeah that’s a pain. I feel like there ought to be a shaving yoga class based on the moves I do while shaving in the shower.

Overall, shaving just plain sucks. I could rant for days over why I hate it, but in the end I do it anyways. Whether it be for dates or in order to avoid looking like Chewbacca while wearing shorts, I am a slave to the razor….

But not today. Today as I write I feel the prickliness of my leg hair poking my skin as I cross my legs. Today I rebel…until I shower later…ugh.

What’re your thoughts on shaving?


21 thoughts on “Why shaving sucks

  1. I think I love you. But that may just be because you are my roommate and will forever be my roommate. Now I’m going to leave you with a initial, so you can try to guess who I am. Even though you’re texting me as I write this. Love you. -A

  2. I truly enjoy your tone of voice! And your titles are very intriguing and comical. I’ve been loving what you’ve been writing!

  3. Hey! thanks to pass by!!! 🙂
    I think that’s the best way of making a summary: Shaving sucks, as you said. As simple as that. It takes time and money. I agree with you, I don’t know where this norm is, the one which says we have to remove all the hair. I was talking about that with my sister a couple of days ago and we both think the same. However, I couldn’t go through the street with a skirt and my legs full of hair…. I suppose the idea is too deep in me and everyone around…But it would be great being able to do so…lol!

  4. I missed a whole line of my left leg this morning.
    I hate shaving too. It seems to be never ending now that I live with my boyfriend – before when we only saw each other at weekends, I was in un-shaven furry-leg heaven.

  5. I haven’t shaved my legs in well over a year. It isn’t like pubic hair or hair under my arms. Suppose whenever I get tired of looking at my leg hair I’ll use Very. Until then I’m au natural.

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