Four eyes are sexier than two

Glasses: The universal symbol for the socially awkward nerd or the uptight librarian. When I think of glasses I think of the intellectuals, the Comicon fanatics, the hipsters, and those particularly proficient in the game of Magic.

In my head….I was not the one to wear glasses. I denied my inner nerdiness. However, it seemed as if the universe was aiming to make me embrace it.

I had an eye exam appointment scheduled last week and I was sure my vision was just fine. Growing up with my mom, the concept of annual eye exams were not a thing she thought to be important so I never had one. Visiting my dad led me to an eye exam which I thought was overrated, but went anyway.

At the exam they made me stick my head in what looked to be a torture device. It was. I pressed my eye into the machine where they proceeded to blind me with a bright green light. Apparently they were taking pictures of the inside of my eyes but I think they just like to watch us walk around with our vision impaired….

Once I got through with the initial tests the doctor had me look at letters and read them off. Surely no one can read those last two lines right? Wrong. She adjusted my vision with lenses and oh dear god I could see! The letters were clearer, the world was new, and the slow realization I was getting glasses began to dawn on me.

I picked out my frames with a mix of mild frustration and fascination. I chose a simple pair that would match with any outfit and went on my way to wait for the new pair.

Yesterday I got the call that they were ready and I carefully picked out an outfit that I knew would go well with them. Yeah…I did that. When I got them I put them on and sat in my car for a good ten minutes just staring.

Dear lord I look like a librarian, I thought to myself. I stared a bit longer…

Throughout the day I continued to stare. I was fascinated with the new me. I continued to like it more and more. In fact, I decided I was at least a sexy librarian. Besides, as I watched BBC’s Sherlock Holmes Irene Adler herself said that “brainy was the new sexy.” And the glasses made me look brainy. So clearly, the glasses made me look more attractive.

I’ve learned something with my new glasses. I embrace it. In fact, I like the way I look with glasses better than without them. Plus, I’m a blogger and a journalism major, so I definitely fit the role.

So here’s to all those who wear glasses. Raise your cups of coffee or whatever you’re drinking at the moment you hipsters, you Magic aficionados, you intellectuals, and you Comicon fanatics! Raise your cups in union as the group of people who looks sexy, because damn we all look good!

Four eyes are definitely sexier than two…but for those who don’t wear glasses, well, you’re sexy too.  

39 thoughts on “Four eyes are sexier than two

      • Good! I’ve been wearing glasses for half my life (yowza) and feel naked without them. I was actually saying this morning that maybe I should wear contacts for my future wedding, but as my boyfriend correctly said, I wouldn’t look like me!

  1. I can confirm that for me, women wearing glasses are indeed sexy. I am going to have to make an eye appointment soon myself, which means I will probably have to get glasses too. Oh joy. I don’t mind getting the glasses, it’s just all the stuff in between.

  2. I remeber my first glasses. I felt so cool wearing them.with a beautiful black-gray metal frame… but they were stolen. I naturally bought another pair…. but I SAT on them: had to fix it with glue and continued wearing them for 6 months. I swear it’s a true story. My current glasses lasted for 2 years but the glass is slightly broken at the edges (due to constant slamming on my nightstand). Moral of the story: I should get lenses.

  3. Reblogged this on ronovanwrites and commented:
    Alexis @collegeladyblog just ended up with her first pair of glasses. She shares what she has discovered. A genuinely good read and a very mature and wonderfully written piece. Please visit and take a look. And yes, FOLLOW HER BLOG! (She’s not crazy psycho massive content like I am!) Did you guys just hear a screaming voice or was that just me?

  4. Funny, that scenario is similar to how I got glasses! “I have perfect vision, totally. Wait, what does that say? Err, are you sure it’s not supposed to be that blurry?”

    I went normal and librarian-esque with my first pair of glasses too. I guarantee that next time you’ll choose a crazy colour frame…. maybe throw in some zebra patterns somewhere… Hey, glasses can be fun! 😀

    Love this post!

  5. LOL! yea those first pair of specs can be freighting. But I have been wearing specs for 10 years now. You do get used to it. And if you ever tire – there are always contacts.

  6. Agree Agree! Nerdy is the new sexy! In fact, I know people who have gotten rid of their numbered glasses and then bought those big nerdy ones to look “geek chic”, so there you go!
    Besides, I am a Harry Potter fan and my glasses (though they aren’t round like his) are an ode to him!

  7. Reblogged this on jsraven's Blog and commented:
    I enjoyed reading this and I too wear glasses and think they make me look smarter. I meanly only have to wear them when I am reading. When I first got them I hated them back then because they were so big and plastic and were not sexy at all. But times have changed and I agree.

  8. I am defiantly reading this to my son and daughter later who still hates to wear glasses and the funny thing was I read this and remembered that they had eye exam appointments today. So I will make sure I read this. I also was thinking of Clark Kent from Superman how he wore glasses as a disguise. So not only are we sexy and intelligent looking but maybe we are all hiding a secret disguise from the rest of the world. lol great post.

  9. Hello lady 🙂
    This blog has came around at a good time for me as over the last few weeks I have noticed that things in the distance like a TV or a sign, are a bit blurry 😦

    I haven’t had an eye test in over 10 years but my sister works at an opticians so I have no excuse really… other than my hatred for tablets, medicines, doctors or anyone who is telling me I am not ok.

    Anyway I am going off the subject a bit. What I am saying is I am scared to get my eyes tested because I dont want to wear glasses as where im from and who I hang around with, it wouldn’t go down too well, and im not ok with purposely sticking little bits of see through plastic into my own eyeballs every day either!

    What do I do???

    • Well do you want to fit in with your friends or do you want to see? While your friend group may eventually change as you get older, your vision will sadly not get better. The good thing about glasses is you can choose the frames you wear so that way it suits your style.

      • Well I would rather see and to be honest they wont be around in a few years anyway but the thing is I don’t dress in a way that suits glasses but I suppose that will change in time too. I might have to bite the bullet and get some though because since I noticed my vision isn’t the best, I can’t stop trying to read things in the distance and it’s became a bit of an obsession now 😦

  10. Great post – I never wore glasses till age insisted upon it, which was in my late 40’s. And I, too, went kicking and screaming into the abyss of the four-eyed’s.But I love them too – mine are melon and black, and they transition to sunglasses. Very cool. And sexy (lol0.

  11. Welcome to the world of 4-eyes! I went through a pre-teen phase of hating them, but now I find that they’re a super fun accessory to play around with. Not to mention, they give you instant credibility in the world of academia. It’s like beards on forest rangers or mustaches on hipsters. Kudos on writing such an elegant and funny blog!

  12. I’m so glad that I read this today! I’ve had glasses for a couple years now. At fist, I got a normal pair, and then about a year ago I got those hipster-looking glasses just to try them out, and decided I like them. For the past week or so I’ve been debating whether or not I should just wear them all of the time, and you just gave me the confidence to! Thanks so much for posting this 🙂

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