Kids really do say the funniest things… Part 2!

I love visiting home from college. I get to see my family and spend time with my younger siblings, who inevitably say some of the most hilarious things. Regardless of the large age gap between us, they still manage to be my main source of entertainment while I visit my parents. Here are just a few things that they’ve said while I’ve been home!

Brother: “I had a dream last night!”

My mom: “Oh yeah?”

Brother: “So I was in a tree house and there was a snowman there, so I took one of his buttons but it wasn’t a button at all. It was a teeny tiny monkey but I just thought it was a moving button.”

The other morning while watching Sesame Street:

TV: “The letter of the day is… N!”

Brother: “N…. Nipple starts with N! I have a big nipple.”

Mom (who is a medical professional): “Well, technically you have two!”

While at the museum for the holiday special:

Sister: “Why don’t we celebrate Hanukkah at home?”

Mom: “Well, we’re not Jewish.”

Sister: “Can we be?”

Mom: “If that’s what you really want to convert to.”

Sister thinks for a moment: “I think I’m okay.”

While my brother and sister were having a fight…

Brother: “Listen to me!”

Sister: “No! I’m ignoring you!”

Brother: “Well, well…that’s not nice!”

Sister: silence

Brother: “Fine! You’re not invited to my party!”

Dad: “…dude, you’re not having a party.”

Brother: “Yes I am in June when I have my birthday and she is NOT invited.”

Bedtime seems to be a struggle, so I’ve saved some of the excuses that my little sister says to stall going to bed. Here’s one of the most amusing excuses that was used consistently throughout the holidays…

Sister: “I just wanted to say I love you guys.”

Dad: “We love you too. Go to bed.”

Sister: “Also, um, happy holidays.”

Dad: “You too. Now go to bed.”

Whether it be questions, arguments, or excuses, they never fail to amuse me. They crack me up. Kids certainly say some funny things and I’ve enjoyed watching them grow and hearing their thoughts….at certain volumes. Haha!

7 thoughts on “Kids really do say the funniest things… Part 2!

  1. I agree having siblings may be a pain some times but it feels worth it when they can be used to as a source of entertainment

    • Siblings can be pains, but in the end theyre worth it. Of course they will always be a source of entertainment, but the face that there are little people looking up to me that I get to watch grow into adults is pretty cool.

      • I agree, I must admit they grow up so fast 😿Just the other it feels like i was changing stinky diapers

  2. My brother also does the whole goodnight thing to avoid going to bed along with hugs, kisses and a sudden need for a full cup of water as he slowly sips it

  3. This is hilarious! Two days ago, while I was looking for something, my 3 yr old niece said: “Look with your eyes, not with your nose.” lol I think she meant mouth, but it was funny nonetheless. (:

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