Social media outreach: Bloggers Unite!

  Hey fellow bloggers! I have a question for you guys! I am currently trying to figure out what avenues to network with in order to get more of an audience for my blog. I have a Twitter account for my blog and I’ve set up an email account for corresponding with fellow bloggers on collaborative posts ( if you’re interested). 

Does anyone have any suggestions? Please help a fellow blogger out! It’d be greatly appreciated. 

I apologize if this looks like a funny formatted post, I’m writing from my phone. Thank you guys in advance for the help.

2 thoughts on “Social media outreach: Bloggers Unite!

  1. I have Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! 🙂 Less is more. I have a lot of blogging 101 posts on my blog if you’re interested in reading and asking any further questions!!

  2. Love it! I pitch my blogs on other sites too! It helps gather an audience because once another site posts it (cosmopolitan, seventeen.. Etc) they usually have a link to your blog.

    Keep it up!

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