Hey guys, welcome to my blog! I’m currently working on the site format so please feel free to browse through my archives and if you have any feedback please let me know! I’m attempting to make it more user friendly and organized (organization is totally not my strong point but I’m trying).

***I’m currently looking for bloggers to do a summer collaboration with! I’ve got a few ideas but no one to collaborate with yet. I’m certainly willing to do more than one project. Please comment if you’re interested or feel free to email me at collegelady17@gmail.com.  ***


4 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Hey, delete this comment, I just wasn’t sure where to post.
    Your content is great but hard to find because nothing is categorized… maybe add menus?

  2. hey came here from the community pool. what kind of projects are you working on for the summer?
    Go to your theme you’ll find the menu bar with widgets, categories and tags.
    have fun. feel free to check out my blog if you wish. good luck

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