Kids really do say the funniest things… Part 2!

I love visiting home from college. I get to see my family and spend time with my younger siblings, who inevitably say some of the most hilarious things. Regardless of the large age gap between us, they still manage to be my main source of entertainment while I visit my parents. Here are just a few things that they’ve said while I’ve been home!

Brother: “I had a dream last night!”

My mom: “Oh yeah?”

Brother: “So I was in a tree house and there was a snowman there, so I took one of his buttons but it wasn’t a button at all. It was a teeny tiny monkey but I just thought it was a moving button.”

The other morning while watching Sesame Street:

TV: “The letter of the day is… N!”

Brother: “N…. Nipple starts with N! I have a big nipple.”

Mom (who is a medical professional): “Well, technically you have two!”

While at the museum for the holiday special:

Sister: “Why don’t we celebrate Hanukkah at home?”

Mom: “Well, we’re not Jewish.”

Sister: “Can we be?”

Mom: “If that’s what you really want to convert to.”

Sister thinks for a moment: “I think I’m okay.”

While my brother and sister were having a fight…

Brother: “Listen to me!”

Sister: “No! I’m ignoring you!”

Brother: “Well, well…that’s not nice!”

Sister: silence

Brother: “Fine! You’re not invited to my party!”

Dad: “…dude, you’re not having a party.”

Brother: “Yes I am in June when I have my birthday and she is NOT invited.”

Bedtime seems to be a struggle, so I’ve saved some of the excuses that my little sister says to stall going to bed. Here’s one of the most amusing excuses that was used consistently throughout the holidays…

Sister: “I just wanted to say I love you guys.”

Dad: “We love you too. Go to bed.”

Sister: “Also, um, happy holidays.”

Dad: “You too. Now go to bed.”

Whether it be questions, arguments, or excuses, they never fail to amuse me. They crack me up. Kids certainly say some funny things and I’ve enjoyed watching them grow and hearing their thoughts….at certain volumes. Haha!

One Lovely Blog Award and the Very Inspiring Blog Award


Well, all I have to say is wow. When I first started off blogging a couple of months ago I had no idea how it would turn out. The feedback since then has been very encouraging and I have loved being a part of the WordPress community. Everyone has been supportive.

I have been recently nominated by Maria9saif for the “One Lovely Blog Award” and nominated for the “Very Inspiring Blog Award” by Roservs.

At the time of Roservs’ nomination I had no idea what to do, so I never passed the award on. I thought it was literally a nomination, not the actually winning… whoops!

Let me first thank Maria9saif for the Lovely Blog Award. She is an incredibly talented blogger and artist herself, so for her to notice my blog and consider it worthy of an award is both flattering and honoring. She has been very active in reading my blog and has been an overall kind individual to me. Thank you for that Maria!

Secondly, let me thank Roservs for the Very Inspiring Blog Award. She is a very talented and spunky blogger. I love her style and anyone who wants to read an inspiring cool blog ought to read hers. I feel bad for just now getting around to posting this award, but I was novice and naïve and had no idea how to do this! She is a kind individual aside from her blog and was very influential within my first few posts of my blog. Thank you Roservs!

Here are the rules for both blogs. They are identical, so those who I’ve picked can either separate each award or put them together as I have.

  1. Thank and link to the amazing person who nominated you
  2. List the rules and display the award.
  3. Share seven facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated.
  5. Proudly display the award logo on your blog and follow the blogger who nominated you.

Here are my seven facts:

  1. I am a nerd. Plain and simple. I love Sherlock Holmes, Big Bang Theory, Supernatural, Tolkien, Dresden Files, Game of Thrones, and Marvel fan. I love them all. My dream is to go to San Diego Comicon one day.
  2. I use my little siblings as an excuse as to why I watch so many Disney movies…I really just love them.
  3. I am a huge football fan. I love it! I’m that fan that can’t talk for days after the game because I screamed too much.
  4. I have an addiction to coffee. Not that I drink too much, but I love finding local coffee shops and trying what they have.
  5. I have an addiction to Thin Mints. I will literally avoid the grocery store during normal hours just to avoid the Girl Scouts and their Thin Mints. I’m a college student. I can’t afford those evil cookies…
  6. I love to be outdoors. I always feel like I’m on a treasure hunt when I’m hiking on a trail.
  7. In elementary school I stopped being friends with another girl because we both wanted to be the first woman president. I had such high aspirations…now I’m a journalism major.

Here are my 15 nominations for both awards. I truly believe each blog deserves both awards:

  1. New3Creation Writing
  2. 3 Smiles a Day
  3. Pretty Little Things
  4. Bmyshot
  5. Yousra
  6. Mara Eastern
  7. Indefinitelys
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  14. Felicia Kimmel
  15. Calliopes Lyre


There are so many more talented bloggers that I love to read. Every blogger deserves an award because of their bravery to write and share their stories and thoughts with others. Thank you to the two bloggers who recognized the potential in my blog. I am truly grateful.